Reporting Illegal Fishing

(Photo: Matthew Oldfield)

Ngāti Kuri have two coast lines, accessing areas for kaimoana gathering can be quite isolated and dangerous but poachers will try anything to get what they need. It is important to remember that sometimes we can put ourselves in danger when we approach others who may be participating in illegal fishing. We can work together with the Ministry of Fisheries to help stop poaching in our rohe.

Enforcing our fisheries laws is an enormous job and information from the public is very important. New Zealand has a vast coastline, so fishing can take place in remote areas. People breaking the law may not always be caught. Your help could change that. 

If you see something unusual or suspicious, even if you aren’t sure the activity is illegal, you can help by filling in a form on the Ministry of Fisheries website.

Fishery Officers will use the details you provide to look into it. 

Although a Fishery Officer won’t always be immediately available to attend the incident you report, the information you give us could be very useful for current and future investigations. 

To report suspicious or illegal activities, call 0800 4 POACHER (0800 4 76224).

  • Summer hours: (late December until late March): 7am – 10pm
  • Rest of the year: 7am – 7pm
  • An answerphone is available at all other times.

ACTIVITY REPORT can be found online on the Ministry of Fisheries website

You do not need to fill in all the spaces in this form for the information to be useful.

  • Date of suspected offence
  • Time of suspected offence
  • Location Description (e.g. place name, address, landmarks, building, where best access is etc.)
  • Species Taken (e.g. Paua, Snapper etc.)
  • Fishing method
  • Description of suspicious activity (e.g. What is happening? What about the activity is suspicious? Is this the first time you have seen it?)
    • Make/Model
    • Registration number/
    • Call sign
    • Colour
    • Description/Unusual Features
    • Number of offenders
    • Person 1
    • Name (if known), sex, age, height, build, ethnicity,
    • hair type/colour, tattoos/scars, clothing
    • Person 2
    • Name (if known), sex, age, height, build, ethnicity,
    • hair type/colour, tattoos/scars, clothing
    • Person 3
    • Name (if known), sex, age, height, build, ethnicity,
    • hair type/colour, tattoos/scars, clothingClothing
    • Other Comments
  • YOUR CONTACT DETAILS: Providing your details below will allow Fishery Officers to follow up for further information or to provide you with feedback on the result of your efforts.

Please be assured that any details you provide will be treated confidentially and only used to assist with completing enquiries. If you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to leave these details blank.
    • May we contact you regarding this information?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone
    • Preferred method of contact Phone
    • Email


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  1. Dave says:

    For information regarding fisheries regulations, which vary throughout the country and in different seasons, please call 0800 4 RULES (0800 4 78537).