2013 Trust Board AGM: Call for Nominations.

(right click to download the nomination form)

Trust Board AGM, 10am Saturday 23 March 2013 Waiora Marae, Ngataki.

We are now calling for nominees for the three electorates;

  • One candidate for the Ngāti  Kuri Rohe  (Hukatere / Mt Camel North)
  • Two candidates for the Muriwhenua Rohe (Hukatere South to Whangape/Mangonui)
  • One candidate For the General Rohe (South of the Muriwhenua boundary)

Nominations for candidates close 4pm Friday January 25th 2013. For more information about the candidate criteria refer to the nomination form (available for download here) or from the Trust Board office.

To vote you must be 18 years old or over and a registered beneficiary of the Ngāti Kuri Trust Board.

Check that You’re Registered and Your Details Are Up to Date

We invite all those who believe they qualify to be beneficiaries of the Ngati Kuri Trust Board (and are not currently registered) to enrol. Iwi beneficiary registration forms can be downloaded here and are also available from the Trust Board office.

If any of your details have changed in the past year (address, number of children, phone number, or email address, etc) please ensure that you notify us here at the Trust Board Office. Any young people who may have been registered under their parents but have since turned 18 need to register under their own right.

For further information:

Ph 09 409 151,  Fax 09 409 8251
Email: jonda@ngatikuri.iwi.nz or olivia@ngatikuri.iwi.nz

The Trust Board will be conducting postal and online voting only.

This announcement has been authorised by the Ngati Kuri Trust Board Chairman.