Safer Te Hiku Community Initiative

An urgent community-led hui will be held tomorrow (Friday 30 July, 6-7pm) to address the upsurge of crime that is greatly affecting our town, our community and our whanau.  The purpose of this hui is to collectively engage as a community by banding together to come up with solutions that works best FOR US AND BY US!  

This has been pre-empted because the POSITIVE, PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS from the community need to be brought into the Police-led, Kaitaia Community Meeting next Monday 3 July, 6.30pm at Te Ahu.

Working together for the better good is what we aspire to, so let’s be prepared and have actual, constructive (not destructive) korero/mahi to present at Monday’s hui.  This will greatly assist our local Police in implementing a community safety action plan.  We also strongly encourage you to come as your respective organisations, whanau, volunteers, businesses and community groups so that we can identify where you might best be placed in relation to supporting/contributing to this important kaupapa.

Look forward to seeing you all there because YOU care!