Four Iwi Muriwhenua Settlement Not Certain

Four Iwi Muriwhenua Settlement Not Certain

News Release, For Immediate release, November 2, 2011

Reports that four Muriwhenua iwi are about to initial a Deed of Settlement are premature according to one of the four iwi, Ngati Kuri.

Last week Haami Piripi, chair of Te Rarawa, went to press with comments that a four party initialling was imminent, however it is not.

Ngati Kuri Chairman Harry Burkhardt says there are some sticking points that will prevent a cohesive and lasting settlement if they are not addressed quickly by the Minister of Treaty Negotiations.

Burkhardt says it is the desire of Ngati Kuri for all four iwi to be initialling at the same time and then signing a settlement, but as it stands issues around one block of land have not been resolved and so could prevent a sustainable settlement from happening;

“If the Crown moves to try and settle with other iwi with indecent haste and not address the problem then it will be challenged.”

Burkhardt says while the Minister acknowledges Ngati Kuri as tangata whenua this has not been considered in the resolution of this outstanding issue. This is also despite Ngati Kuri providing meaningful solutions focussing on getting all Iwi across the line. It hinges around a piece of land at Cape View that is very significant to Ngati Kuri, he says.

“The Minister’s latest position has not been well received by our kaumatua and we need to do further work to resolve this situation.

“I believe all this is possible as we all want to move on to begin managing our post settlement future.  But if we leave some of these issues unresolved then a four party solution is not possible and a settlement is not possible which would be a great shame.”


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